The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and all employees shall provide the most professional, effective, and courteous law enforcement service possible by:

  • Protecting human life and the safety of the public will be our primary objectives.
  • Swearing to protect and defend both the United States and Indiana Constitutions.
  • Continuing the long-standing work of the Sheriff’s Office, with exceptional service to the Courts and as the responsible Keepers of the Jail.
  • Engaging and assisting the public at all times and in a way reflective of both a personal and professional manner.
  • Regarding our chosen position as temporary and retaining the public’s trust during the discharge of our duties with quality service to those who place this trust in us.
  • Administering the law and our duties in a just, impartial, and reasonable manner regardless of an individual’s race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, color, national origin or disability.